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Wrenegade Kennels

Owned and operated by Bob and Pat Merkel

Our motto is “You should only hunt with the best”.

History of excellence

Wrenegade Kennels is an established and well regarded German Shorthair Pointer breeder in Iowa. Breeding since 1968 and winning National Amateur Championship in 1972 also winning the Open Gun Dog Championship in 1992. Photo with trophy

We have finished 75 field champions, 20 dual champions, and winning numerous hour stakes, also breeding 5 national champions, and producing hundreds of world class hunting and companion dogs.

Current studs

Wrenegade's Little Bit of Gusto

Wrenegade’s Little Bit of Gusto

At stud

“As Dixieland as you can get”

Nose, style, class, biddability, early development, 10 months old, pointing, backing, marking, retrieving to hand, already hunts like a pro.



Wrenegade's Perfect Storm

Wrenegade’s Perfect Storm

Passion for the sport

Having judged at all of the national championships over the years and winning with our dogs, we’ve seen a collection of the best shorthairs in the history of the breed, and our own bloodlines include multiple FC and NFC dogs. After retiring from the circuit we are relaxing hunting and fishing and continuing to raise quality shorthairs.

For the best results, you need to hunt with the best. Here are the results of hunts with Wrenegade dogs. Bob with pheasants and quails Bob Dan and Rick Randy Bob and Dan Bagged birds More bagged birds

Bloodlines bred to be the all around best

Wrenegade Kennels breeds for style, class, excellent temperament, and early development. We have been a full service kennel for 40+ years offering stud services, puppies, as well as started dogs.

Our kennel has striven to make the most complete dogs for hunting and competition, and have been very successful in both. Careful consideration is given to each breeding to make sure that the sire and dam are complimentary and the pups are well matched to the personalities and needs of our clients.

Have You Seen Better than this? Please let us know if you’ve seen a better pedigree than this… Maggie and Lou Maggie and Lou Wrenegade's Strike 3 Wrenegade’s Strike 3 Wrenegade's Willow the Wisp, daughter of Gusto Wrenegade’s Willow the Wisp Wrenegade's Cody, son of Gusto Wrenegade’s Cody

Our dogs have successfully hunted in Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and Iowa. Wrenegade's Full of Gusto on point in South Dakota Wrenegade’s Full of Gusto

Upcoming Litters

Tony's son Tony’s son Male pup of Gus Male pup of Gus

Exceptional customers have been the core of our business, and they come back every time they are in the market for a new dog. Let us know what you are looking for in a dog and we’ll be sure to pick a match for your style and personality.

Wrenegade Kennels accepts reservations for future litters. Please call Bob and Pat Merkel at 319-827-1933 or email to discuss possible future breedings. When it comes to bloodlines Pat has just as deep a knowledge of the business and works with Bob in all aspects of the trade.

Dixieland's Luke - the foundation sire of Wrenegade Kennels Dixieland’s Luke - the foundation sire of Wrenegade Kennels


References are available and the birds in your bag will speak for themselves.

Our dogs have been featured in numerous films, including Harold Adam’s “Gundog for sale”, and “German Shorthair Pointer in America”.

I feel privileged to be one of the few able to hunt and learn from Bob. With his knowledge of producing some of the most stylish, biddable and early developing shorthairs in the country. If you want a class dog give him a call.

Schoen ran in a field trial Saturday near South Hill, Va. Handlers on horseback. She ran in Derby (up to 2 yrs old). I think there were 18 dogs entered - pointers, setters, brittanys and one GSP (Schoen). Pat Casey, a good friend, ran her. She won! Will send photos.